четвъртък, 7 август 2008 г.

Sunflower or a smart way to produce electricity

Sunflower or a smart way to produce elektroenergiyaSistemata Sunflower Company Energy Inovations is the first photo-electric system that receives a certificate of Underwriters Laboratories. Now the model can be categorized and accessible to a wider range of users. The intelligent system orientation consumers to use solar energy for electricity production and not just in the home version, but also for commercial purposes.

The company Energy Innovations producer goni increase production by about $ 20 million, as the heart is razchetena of increasing the number of installations and maintenance services in 2009. The unique system for Sunflower is that it works with lenses, kontsentrirayki over 1000 times greater flow of sunlight ordinary solar batteries. Undoubtedly, provides huge opportunities for the production of cheap electricity and environmental. Installation requires a power supply around 200W, generated by the system, a Sunflower continually monitors the position of the sun and maintain optimal position that allows full mode of operation. The entire mechanical structure is sufficiently complex and sound to pass on winds and storms, and after the installation of the plant will have no need of serious repair satisfy the customer.

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