четвъртък, 7 август 2008 г.

Air passenger will enjoy WiFi to one year

Air passenger will enjoy WiFi to one year Delta Air lines will be the first name in this field, which will offer its passengers wireless Internet access on board its aircraft during flight. It is expected that the system for wireless access to the global network to cover all U.S. aircraft company by mid-next year, said the official spokesman of Delta Air. Interest in the innovative approach are instantly shown by several major air carriers such as American Airlines, Virgin America and JetBlue.

For now the idea is all aviozvena based in the territory of Atlanta, belonging to equip their machines with flight WiFi - avioparkat is about more than 330 aircraft. The service will be available to the company's aircraft, flying outside the U.S., usually international flights were between 50 and 75 pasazherski seats. Wireless technology Aircell is extremely easy to install and very cheap as an investment. The problem comes from high fuel prices that make even such a high tech investment, demanding for payment. The crisis in the industry is growing and requires serious measures to savings and reductions affecting small and large.

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