четвъртък, 7 август 2008 г.


Since ancient times used the words "royal crown is heavy and obviously one of the biggest companies in the telecommunications business is experiencing serious difficulties because of the crown Motorola will be nosena two chief. Second CEO of American giant became Sandzhay Dzha (Sanjay Jh a), which will work together with the current executive director Greg Brown. Dzha assumes office in a very difficult period in istoryaita of Motorola, which lost about $ 1.9 billion just since the beginning of 2007 Sandzhay Dzha is 45 years and has a title "Doctor", and so far has performed capacity SOO (chief operating officer) in company Qualcomm, a manufacturer of electronic components, where he worked in the past 14 years.

"Motorola is a company inovator in the mobile industry, I am honoured to be co-CEO of that company and CEO of business with mobile devices," said Sandzhay. "I accept with open obyatiya, the possibility guided this company in the future and work for the establishment of an independent company for mobile devices, which will continue to develop and propose innovative solutions and in the years to come," he added. Analysts note that after several years absence of original products, the company lost its leadership positions variables from producers like Nokia and is Appl, which were recently declared "incredibly popular in the industry. The last, indeed successfully developed a device was Mo torola mobile device RAZR.

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