четвъртък, 7 август 2008 г.

The first hybrid prototype, developed entirely by Nissan

The first hybrid prototype, developed entirely by Nissan Taz annual motor show in New York became the first event in the world, a new hybrid car that Nissan was shown to the general public. The car is still a prototype, otherwise seek is the basis for the development of a qualitatively new range ekosaobrazni cycles. The company with pride demonstrate new hybrid system and operation of the fuel cell, which are much lower price, but with more power than all the proposals so far.

The model, ironically named Proto-Type and will probably be one of hitovite car range of 2012, when launched and mass production. The company expects major manufacturer offers from major clients since 2010, when the will can be determined and firm and price. Indeed, an interest that is exactly hybrid system because this hybrid of Nissan - Altima Hybrid model actually "go" with technology, patent Toyota. Now, the company is proektirala its hybrid system, custom design with rear-drive and two clutch carrying power much more efficiently. Nissan refuse to talk about engine power because they want keep these details become known to during the official, presentation of ready-to-series production model.

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